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From hillaryclinton.com/events

From hillaryclinton.com/events

Contribute content to High Schoolers for Hillary

We want you--no, we need you--to co-create our content. Are you going to a rally that you want to live-snap? Do you have pro-Hill thoughts that you want published? Do you want to start an official High Schoolers for Hillary chapter in your state (especially if it's a swing state)?!? Tell us!

 If you want to participate in the High Schoolers for Hillary social media campaign, contact us @hsforhillary on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook or email highschoolersforhillary@gmail.com with a picture of you doing something Hillary-related with a few sentences about why you support her, what your favorite thing is about her, or your favorite experience volunteering/rallying/supporting her has been.

Please also reach out if you want to execute a social media takeover, write a post for our Voices blog, or bring High School for Hillary to your state. If you do, you can call yourself an official @hsforhillary contributor/member on resumes/applications and earn major bragging rights/pride points.

Sign up to volunteer

Hillaryclinton.com/volunteer is where you can get in touch with the campaign for officially sanctioned volunteer opportunities. They'll contact you with more information once you sign up.

Make phone calls

Making phone calls is mathematically proven to be the most effective tool for voter and volunteer recruitment. Plus, it's incredibly energizing to have conversations with folks from all walks of life. Pitch in today with Hillary's unbelievably user-friendly virtual call tool, found at hillaryclinton.com/calls.

Attend an action-oriented event

Use hillaryclinton.com/events to enter your zip-code and find community functions near you! This is a great way to connect to Dem allies and make your city feel a little smaller by knocking on doors or initiating conversations.

Share your support on social media

Social media isn't just slacktivism: it can have a leveraged, unexpectedly-major impact on public perceptions. Some ideas for how to show that you're with her:

  • Retweet @hsforhillary, @hillaryclinton, @thebriefing2016, or any pro-Hillary pic, meme, or witticism
  • Hashtag! Some of our favorites: #ImwithHer, #YesweKaine, #StrongerTogether, #HillYes, #TrillaryClinton, #ChillaryClinton... the list goes on. Any name pun is a yes in our book.
  • Share articles and opinions! Need content? Check out our "Trove" and "Myths + Comebacks" pages.
  • Participate in Hillary's social media campaigns, like Trump Yourself.

Start a conversation

Talk to your family, your lunch table, or even strangers on the street. The best way to spread Hillary enthusiasm is by speaking up.