Myths about Hillary, debunked

We've all heard the statements below. Even Donald Trump-the actual Republican nominee for President-is responsible for peddling this fiction. It's wrong, and we should be prepared to refute this nonsense. So we've curated an arsenal of factual comebacks to dispel infuriating accusations. Use it liberally; use it often. It's time to quash some unfounded Hillary hate.  

"Crooked Hillary is soooo dishonest!"

Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, checking her BlackBerry while on a military plane in 2011. Credit Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, taken from Kristof's  Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?

Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, checking her BlackBerry while on a military plane in 2011. Credit Kevin Lamarque/Reuters, taken from Kristof's Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest?

  • PolitiFact (winner of the Pulitzer prize) found that 51% of Hillary Clinton's statements it examined were True or Mostly True, as opposed to 11% for Trump, and only 1% behind Bernie (who, for the record, had 9% fewer fully True statements than Clinton).
  • "Jill Abramson, who spent decades as a journalist either investigating Clinton or overseeing investigations of her, and who certainly isn’t soft on the Clintons, concluded in The Guardian: “Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy.”" -Nicholas Kristof, in his New York Times Article Is Hillary Clinton Dishonest? (Spoiler alert: the answer is no).
  • Yes, Clinton's changed positions over time. But changing positions isn't dishonest, it's being malleable.
  • It's worth considering how a gendered double-standard applies to the perception of her honesty (see Colin Ziering's work)

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"Hillary's responsible for Benghazi!"

Brushing off the haters. (Gif located  here )

Brushing off the haters. (Gif located here)

  • Since she was Secretary of State at the time, she's claimed responsibility. But there is more to it than that.
  • “Others have accused Clinton of ignoring requests for more security for the Benghazi consulate. It’s undeniable that officials in Libya repeatedly asked for better security, but there’s no evidence that Clinton herself was aware or that she willfully denied them... There is no evidence showing Clinton personally 'left Americans in harm’s way in Benghazi.' And while he’s using Clinton words, he’s misattributing their meaning.” –Linda Qiu, in her Politifact article Mike Pence's inaccurate claim about Clinton's Benghazi role and response
  • After an 11-hour hearing (or, as we call it, witch hunt) didn’t produce anything, Republicans have reverted to claiming HRC is personally responsible, even after 8 different congressional committees found nothing wrong with her testimonies.

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"Hillary accomplished nothing as Secretary of State!"

Image located  here

Image located here

As Secretary of State, Hillary...

  • Visited 112 countries, coupling diplomacy with the threat of force/sanctions
  • Persuaded Russia, China, and 9 other UN Security Council countries to impose the toughest sanctions in Iranian history
  • Personally negotiated a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in 24 hours
  • Championed the rights of women and girls by standing up against sex trafficking; helping women gain access to markets, credit, and training; and leading the fight for a UN Security Council resolution to combat sexual violence against women and children in conflict zones
  • "Transform[ed] the way countries perceive and react to homosexuality" (in the words of a UN official) by standing up to anti-gay countries and declaring that "gay rights are human rights" to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
  • Renewed US relations with Asian-Pacific nations like Japan, South Korea, and Australia, a "diplomatic breakthrough for the US" (in the words of former Australian PM Gillard)
  • Extended antiretroviral therapy to help HIV/AIDS patients in 78 countries, saving millions of lives around the world

TL;DR: Hillary laid the groundwork for the Iran sanctions, stopped conflict between Israel and Hamas, protected women, children, and the LGBT through diplomacy, renewed relations with Asia, and saved millions of lives through providing HIV/AIDS treatment to 78 countries. That's not nothing.

Source: Heavily taken from this article, most language copied

"HRC & Trump are BOTH bad. There's no difference."

We're not a fan of this man. (Image located  here )

We're not a fan of this man. (Image located here)

"Hillary's NEVER championed the LGBT or their marriages!"

HRC was endorsed by the HRC. (Gif located  here )

HRC was endorsed by the HRC. (Gif located here)

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"Bernie's been a lifelong liberal. Hillary was a REPUBLICAN!"

Image located  here

Image located here

  • Bernie may have marched for the civil rights movement, but Hillary had an ideological change of heart during college while interning with the Ford administration, realizing that the Democratic party was best aligned with her passion for human rights.
  • Logically, this point doesn't prove any wrongdoing or dishonesty on Clinton's behalf. If anything, it shows how she thinks for herself and has an individual moral compass. She disassociated herself from her family's political party, which means she examined the inherent values that influenced their selection of that party. That takes guts.

Our info source, and a resource for further debunking:

"OK, fine. But she's BASICALLY Republican now."

If Hillary's so "Republican," why did Planned Parenthood endorse her in the primary? (Image located  here )

If Hillary's so "Republican," why did Planned Parenthood endorse her in the primary? (Image located here)

  • "She was actually ranked the 11th most liberal senator (much more liberal than Obama was) when she served, and she voted with Bernie Sanders 93 percent of the time. So, unless the difference between Sanders and a 'conservative Republican' is seven percent of a voting record, then claiming she’s 'no better than a Republican' is ridiculous." -Allen Clifton of, here
  • Clinton was endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund-an organization that the GOP is dedicated to attempting to defund, discredit, and destroy (to no avail)-in the Democratic primary. Why, you ask?
    • As Senator, Hillary Clinton introduced 8 pieces of legislation with the clear purpose of expanding and protecting women’s access to reproductive health care — more than any other presidential candidate.
    • She's the only candidate who has testified before a Congressional committee on how abortion is an essential part of reproductive health care. Does that sound Republican to you?

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"OK, fine again. But she's a war monger."

  • She's admitted that voting for the Iraq war was a mistake, and many other prominent Democrats voted for it as well, like Harry Reid and Joe Biden.
  • "She’s stated that she’s against using American ground troops against ISIS, instead favoring using ground forces from regional nations – and she’s put her support behind President Obama’s Iran deal, saying 'diplomacy deserves a chance.'" BTW, HRC lay the groundwork for that very Iran deal, by pushing diplomacy as a problem-solving technique as Secretary of State (see a myth debunked about her job as SecScate above).
  • Let's be real- who do you trust more with our nuclear codes? Donald Trump-who mocks the disabled, insinuates that his opponent should be assassinated, and who's been deemed temperamentally unfit for the office by numerous reliable sources-or Hillary Clinton?

Heavily taken from Allen Clifton of, here

"SHILLARY is in the pocket of big banks!"

  • Hillary's plan is to break up big banks using Dodd-Frank, the legislation that was passed during Obama's administration for breaking up banks.
  • She wants to raise taxes on individuals who have profited the most from loopholes.

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"Hillary's email scandal disqualifies her from the Presidency!"

Image located  here

Image located here

  • There has been no evidence that there was a breach of her personal emails at all.
  • Most of the "classified" information shouldn't be considered classified.
  • Previous Secretaries of State used private servers, including Republican Secretary Colin Powell.

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"#JillNotHill! Jill Stein is WAY more like Bernie than HRC."

"Harambe is dead (R.I.P.), and no longer running for president, but Jill Stein wants to remind you that she still is." - NY Mag   Photo: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden/Facebook

"Harambe is dead (R.I.P.), and no longer running for president, but Jill Stein wants to remind you that she still is." -NY Mag  Photo: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden/Facebook

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"The Clinton Foundation is SO shady."